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Cliffside Tree

Cliffside Tree

Wendy Russo
by wendyrusso on 26 Oct 2020

I did this scene in 24h (render time excluded) from a concept art i doodled a morning. I really enjoy the surreal tree even tho it's not what i was going for in the beginning, feel free to critique or say anything in the comments !!

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The last version ! i'm very proud of myself 

I challenged myself to finish this in one day, hence the geometry's simplicity

The Quick concept i doodled, i stopped when i thought it was enough

3 Hours in ... i hope it's gonna turn out good !

Normals view

Details of the topology : 1 - tree

it might look like a mess but it's actually just a very long cylinder 

Details of the topology : 2 - Grass and cliff

the cliff is just the sculpted mesh passed through a decimate, i feel like textures do most of the realism

Details of the topology : 3 - Gravel

The gravel is only simple icospheres, i adjusted the terrain's displace so they only appear in crevaces, to look like gravel or dirt

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