Aurora and Oscar

Aurora and Oscar

by vernonng on 26 Oct 2020

Created base on my soft toy. Aurora and Oscar are two sea otter siblings that often hang out together. They love lives in water and sleep floating on their backs.

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Aurora and Oscar
Created base on my Sea otter soft toy. Aurora and Oscar are an endangered sea otter that often hangs out with groups Known as rafts. They can spend their entire lives in water and sleep floating on their backs.

Aurora and Oscar wishes the healthcare workers to " Stay well , Stay Healthy "

Meet Aurora and Oscar's new friend, Jumbo the Manatee who lives in the river and loves flipping when he's happy

About Jumbo:

Manatees Know as sea cows are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals. They often graze on water plants in tropical seas.

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Aurora and Oscar are exploring along the river...Something is swimming by them who could it be?

Aurora and Oscar Wishes everyone "Merry Christmas"

Aurora and Oscar-in Shinsengumi

About Shinsengumi:

Shinsengumi (新選組)was a special police force organized by the Bakufu during the Bakumatsu period from 1863 to 1869. The Force was founded to protect the shogunate representatives in Kyoto when a controversial imperial edict to exclude foreign trade from Japan had been made and the Chōshū clan had been forced from the imperial court. The members were drawn from the sword schools of Edo.

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Aurora and Oscar-Drinking Bubble Tea

Warm is happiness

Initial First draft with Aurora 

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