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Project Umbrio

Lorenzo Ivens
by loloivens on 25 Oct 2020

My bachelor project. This will be an animated short, inspired by anime fight scenes. I will also use this project to improve my character modeling and to gain a better understanding of toon ( anime) shading. Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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Update - 27 Apr 2021

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since my last update, but now my other priorities are finally done. This means that more frequent updates should happend for the following month. With that out of the way, let me show you the progress made in the mean time.


I finished the texturing and building the shader for the main character of the animation.  The texturing of the base colors and the line art was done using Substance painter. For my SSS and ILM maps, I used Photoshop. The shader consists of 3 big parts, those being the toon shading, damage and emission. 

This is the complete shader for this character. 

The green part has the 3 main textures, those being the base color, SSS and ILM maps. This parts controls the look of the toon shading.

The red part controls if the damage/dirt is visible or not.

The blue part controls the emmisive surfaces. This is split into the eyes and the horns + markings. For the eyes I added a colorramp to cotrol the eye color and size.

With the second character I'm still working on his textures. This is what I have at the moment

I also have started with animating the camera and posing the characters, but that is till work in progress at the moment. I hope get some more work done and to give another update in the coming week. Till then, have a nice day.

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Update - 7 Mar 2021

Hello everyone, I finally found the time to post an update about this project. Below je will see the changes I made these past few months when I found some time inbetween school projects.

The guardian

Instead of going with a robot as the guardian, I decided to go with a knight in a kind of lost tomb. In the above picture you can see the current model with just a test shader.  The final shading is something I still need to do, as wel as optimizing the model perhaps. 

Here is the basic sword the knight will be using in the fight. For now this is the basic model without any textures.

The hero

This character still needs a lot of work, but I wanted to show what I at least have at this point. 

The mask the hero wears is inspired by the one in Slime Tensei.

Other tasks

Besides the models, I also have been busy with collecting sfx for the animation as well as searching for background music and reference scenes from certain anime.

I hope to have finished both models by the next update, which hopefully should be somewhere this month if all goes rigth ;).

Well, that was all for now. Hope to see you the next time. 

Update - 25 Feb 2021

It's been a while since i posted an update for this project. This post is to just let everyone know that I'm still working on this one, but my current internship and school projects took most of my time away. In the following weeks I will try to post the updates that have been. 

Update - 25 Oct 2020


Creating the main arena