Molotov Portable Gramophone
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Molotov Portable Gramophone

Zhandos Kadyrkulov
by zhandosk on 22 Oct 2020

A new project that I must finish for the sake of personal development

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Update - 3 Nov 2020

I have been away for quite some time.

It's hard to get some time to work on a personal project while doing office work and going on trips. 

Today I did a little. I think the modeling will soon be done just need some time for that. Had some problems with a particular part shown in the image below. I am trying to do it without sculpting so that is quite a hassle.

For not the top part of the gramophone looks like this. It is almost done. Gotta do the opening mechanism and the hard-to-do part.

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Update - 26 Oct 2020

Welp. I got little time to work on this project. I have added placeholders for vinyl discs, modeled the lock mechanism for the gramophone, and changed windows. 

Update - 23 Oct 2020

Today I modeled windows and a box that will have vinyl disks in it. Other than that, I did nothing.

Tomorrow gotta finish windows. In real life, they are built from different pieces of wooden bars. After that, I will copy and paste a bunch of discs inside the box and outside. I think I will model ash-tray with a cigarette but that ain't 100% set in stone.

Update - 22 Oct 2020

I did a basic scene blockout. Spent some time to make everything resemble closely real-life object as much as possible. While doing blockout, I gathered some more references and the idea in my head started to grow a bit too much. I think I will leave those ideas aside for now. 

Still struggling with what to place beside the gramophone. I want to show the specific traits of a person that owns this prop(gramophone). Gotta figure this out.

Update - 22 Oct 2020


It's been a while. I am starting a new project where I model an old soviet portable gramophone "Molotov" from the 1950s. 

Below is my reference board where I gathered some photos of a prop, its dimensions, materials and some composition to try out later on.

My idea is to make some close shots of a prop and one or several context shots. I read somewhere that music played by this gramophone could be heard from outside so that's how I came up with the idea of placing it by the window. 

First of all, I need to make a blockout of the prop and the scene. As well as decide what to add to the final composition.