The Cantina Incident - Mafia Inspired Game Environment (UE4)

The Cantina Incident - Mafia Inspired Game Environment (UE4)

Jaikumar Gurubaran
by jaikumar on 22 Oct 2020

Unreal Engine 4 Modular environment inspired by MAFIA 3.

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I am happy to finally call this Environment as completed (even though any art can be improved a way better always).

The inspiration for this environment comes from amazing environments from Mafia 3 where the artists bring the fictional city of New Bordeaux into a life based on new Orleans. I managed to complete this project during my spare time aside from other regular work.

I created everything in this Project (Except the car for which I used downloaded base mesh and customized and textured and Leaf textures & Decals from Megascans). Lighting is fully dynamic.

In this Unreal environment, I've tried to capture the key references of New Orleans and the french quarter to have a similar feel and bit of storytelling.

My sincere thanks to the Polycount and Discord communities for providing feedback throughout the process when I asked for it. I decided to restrict the video only to the Night scene for avoiding repetition of the scene except lighting. Hope you like it!

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