Sonja Gelevajčuk
by soki on 20 Oct 2020

Personal project. Inspired by the armadillo lizard species.

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This little guy started as an idea in ZBrush, then ended being optimized and animated for production.

A little animation, done in Blender. Rendered in Marmoset.

A turntable animation. Rendered in Marmoset.

The High-Res model was retopologized and unwraped in 3Ds Max. My first idea was to rig and animate it using the CAT system, Max offers. But then I decided to use Blender. To try out Rigify.

It gave me great results. Of course, I needed to modify the rig for my purposes. So the final armature is a combination of Rigifies bones and my own facial rig. It was fun to play around with the rig, even if I didn't start it from scratch.  The skinning was also fun. Blenders auto skin system does a great job. I just needed to paint the facial parts and fix some joint issues.

The rest of the scene was also completed in Blender. I wanted to at least have some kind of environment surrounding the model. To show off the lizards size and enhance the mood.

The texturing was done using Substance Painter. All the maps were baked there. The final result is a combination of baked mapes and hand painting. 

Some wireframe pics...

It all started from this little concept.

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