Dragon Katana

Dragon Katana

Ashley Jay Thornton
by ashleyjay on 16 Oct 2020

This is my Dragon Katana, I really enjoyed this one, I got to know substance painter in greater detail and I feel I am slowly learning to make my Game assets better and to work in a more efficient manner.

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The Sageo was probably the most difficult aspect of this project and was expecting  a lot of tris using a brazier curve and a solidify modifier. I would probably sculpt this and retopologize in future to reduce the amount of tris I ended up with. (The decimate modifier on the Sageo could half the over all amount too.) 

The Hamon was created in Substance Painter just by simply layering materials and removing parts using the paint tool in a wave pattern until I was happy with the effect.

The Tsuka-Ito  and Menuki was created using simple shapes and then a shrink wrap and array modifier was applied and then this information was baked on to the handle to reduce triangles.

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