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CORPSY CORP: Production

CORPSY CORP: Production

Jordan Noyer
by Emilie Dehoorne, Matthieu Boissinot , Nina Naour, Ondine Champetier de Ribes, Paul Darbot, Pierre Olivier Malo, Thomas Bellamy, and jordannoyer on 16 Oct 2020

CORPSY CORP is a short video game made on Unity for my studies in Brassart TOURS. Here you will see how this game was created. Enjoy !

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Hello there ! My name is Jordan Noyer. I'm a french 3D student in Brassart Tours and this is a showcase of the work I have done for my last school project: CORPSY CORP.

Made with the amazing team composed of Ondine Champetier de Ribes, Nina Naour, Emilie Dehoorne and Thomas Bellamy.

without them, this game wouldn't be what it is today.

When we started the pre-production, we wanted our game to look like a living illustration. We wanted our scenes to be lively, dynamic with clean colors. I was in charge of all the graphics of the game on Unity. here are the first tests carried out on Unity and using the Flat Kit. 

For this project I was also in charge of the skinning and rigging of all the characters of the game and some props. It was quite a challenge, I'm not fond of skinning.  But it was a fun thing to do in the end.

We have used the package dynamic bones for some elements (RIP's hairs, necklaces and necktie/ Claudio Francis's haircut/ Captain Smith's magnificent mustache and the Secretary's jewelry and haircut) 

the facial expressions for RIP and the Secretary were made by the talentuous artist Ondine Champetier de Ribes as well as the full 3D model

During the production of CORPSY CORP , I was mainly in charge of the second mission "The Unsinkable".

During this mission, you will have to find a way to to sink the ship using the environment and distracting the captain.

I was in charge of all the 3D models, textures, lighting, FX you see in the entire level including the cutscene and minus the folders and UI. It was perhaps one of my favorite tasks to do on this project ! 

Music by Paul Darbot.

I was also in charge of the final FX of the game: The volcano. Perhaps one of my favorite FX done using the particle effects of Unity.

The scenery was made by Nina Naour

RIP was made by Ondine Champetier de Ribes and textured by Nina Naour

RIP's luggages by Jordan Noyer

CORPSY CORP is a short game but we had to create a lots of things in a very short period of time. The sets and the characters had to be created quickly so that we could fully work on the animations and Unity imports.

Some of the characters secondary animations that I have made for the game

3D characters models made by Ondine Champetier de Ribes

3D characters textures made by Nina Naour

3D characters skins and rigs by Jordan Noyer

3D props made by Emilie Dehoorne, Nina Naour and Jordan Noyer

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