Void Termina

Void Termina

Cas Yee
by muffinsnakes on 11 Oct 2020

"The final battle at hand, Void takes his first steps toward a new age. In place of tyrannical rage, will he find...naptime?" Void Termina is the final boss of Kirby: Star Allies, and I just think he's very neat. So I made this thing. I also turned it into an animated and interactable desktop wallpaper. Wow!

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Interactive Desktop Wallpaper

Using Wallpaper Engine on Steam, I separated parts of this illustration so I could animate parts of it and add special effects within Wallpaper Engine. It is currently published in the Steam workshop so anyone with the same software can use this as their machine's wallpaper. The link to it is here

And here are a couple screen recordings of the wallpaper in action:

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