Digital Double

Digital Double

Lydia Joubert
by lylisk on 5 Oct 2020

This is my digidouble. I made a first version of it last year as a school project, but I recently felt like coming back to it since the grooming, clothing, lighting and some aspects of the surfacing needed a little update in my opinion. Now I feel like it's much more representative of my current abilities. Enjoy!

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This is an update of my digital double. The original work was made a year ago, as a school project, but I wasn't satisfied with the grooming therefore I remade it from scratch using everything I learned in the past year. I also felt like experimenting with the lighting.
In the end, the result looks very different from the original version. Same portrait, but different mood and better skills!

Most of the work was done in Maya. I used 3DF Zephyr for photogrammetry, R3DS Wrap for retopology, the sculpt was made in Mudbox, the texturing in Mari and Substance Painter, the groom in Xgen and the comp in Nuke.

Here's a breakdown of differents aspects of this artwork : beauty render, clay render & specular pass

This was a wonderful opportunity to learn about photorealistic character workflow and get to try out techniques I had never used before, like photogrammetry. It was also very interesting to study the human skin, how it absorbs and reflects the light etc. The groom was a good challenge as well. Trying to recreate all of the randomness and messiness of the curls was a great way of sharpening my observation skills and my knowledge of Xgen.

And here's a breakdown of lighting used in the final image.

I've always liked the aesthetic of these portraits that are shot at night under bright city lights. That's what I've been trying to recreate in this work. 

And finally, here's the exact same work from a different angle.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed discovering about this project as much as I enjoyed working on it :)!

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