Mystical Forest

Mystical Forest

Thomas Eckstein
by ThomasEckstein on 4 Oct 2020

A project made in 7 days.

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This artwork won the FGT ART Challenge from Fox Renderfarm for Otober 2020! Check out the interview here:

The project was done in 7 days. I would have really liked to render the sequence in 1080p, but the tight deadline didn't allow it. There are also still some things i need to fix / want to add that i didn't get to.

I used a couple of MASH Networks to scatter for the foliage. After lighting i rendered out a bunch of light groups, as well as the background and the Atmosphere in seperate render layers. Nuke was used for compositing & color grading everything, as well as adding a glow to the sun. Finally i used Premiere Pro to mix everything together.

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