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Iuliia Rozsa-Bakacsi
by pokusaika on 3 Oct 2020

Hydra is a project that I enjoyed immensely to create and while doing so I aimed to improve my 3D modelling and texturing skills. Also, with this creation, I set myself a challenge and started learning the basics of animation in Maya. Any comments and critique would be greatly appreciated.

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Back in February, miraculously I was invited to a team which participated in the Global Game Jam. As a Game art student, I was tasked with creating a 3D model and texturing of the Hydra body. Recently I decided to return to that model and finish it. This time there were no limits thus I could greatly improve my initial idea. However, I still decided to create a low-poly model as a game asset.

During the Jam the model was rigged and animated by another teammate. The thought of visualising my ideas not just in static but also in motion fascinated me! Thanks to it I decided to start learning it myself. Since the model was made initially in a pose, the possibilities for animation were limited.

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