Lisbon 3D Diorama | Café No Chiado

Lisbon 3D Diorama | Café No Chiado

Marta Ribeiro
by martaribeiro on 2 Oct 2020

My Year 2 Block A big environment project. I chose Lisbon, Portugal (my home), and a beautiful building with a café/restaurant, in order to show our beautiful café "culture". A nice end of the day sunset, to have some nice lighting. I had to adapt it to be a diorama, since the original building is just a corner part.

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This is a diorama of a building in Lisbon, repurposed, since it is originally a corner building.

Concrete Floor Material

Created in Substance Designer. This project was my first time getting to work a bit on Substance Designer.

Calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese Floor Simplified)

Created in Substance Designer. Being my first time, I had to try and understand how to work around it. I though the first try was too simple/neat, when it should be more crooked and somewhat smaller stones.

Café/Restaurante Area | Progress Images

These are not smooth as these are work from last year (Year 2), and I only recently joined new art communities. I am trying to learn good ways to save and share my work. Any tips are always welcome!

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