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Fantasy character for Unreal Engine

Fantasy character for Unreal Engine

by sticksalesman on 30 Sep 2020

This is my first work of such scale and I'm kinda happy how it turned out, even though I really don't really like skin texture and hair shading. It was very intense study project, and I feel like during two months I've made it, I learnt more than the rest of the year I'm learning 3d

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5 texture sets, 95k tris. Eye model and shaders are taken from UE4 Digital Human projects. Hair planes are made in Hair Strand Designer.

Blocking out the concept

Polished highpoly

Leather glove inside view

Leather glove outside view

Trying out different color schemes.

Preview render in Cycles 

Just after I finished texuring breastplate in substance.

Character inside Unreal

Little bonus. Magic staff I'll give to my character when I rig him. (and I will ;) )

Rendered in Cycles

Started from base mesh and blocking out in ZBrush.

Then I proceeded with polishing and refining my highpoly model with some additional polymodeling.

I've made retopo in 3D coat and baked maps in Marmoset.

I experimented a bit with color schemes and made texuring in Substance Painter.

First render is my preview for materials, made in Cycles.

Eventually I've rendered it in Unreal Engine.

I'll definetly return to this model after having a break. First of all, I'll try to apply hair shader properly and paint better skin texture. And then I'll rig it with UE4 compatible skeleton.

I also wish I could make higher quality image from Unreal Engine, but HighResShot just doen't work properly.

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