Weekly Drill 25 - Human Skull

Weekly Drill 25 - Human Skull

Natalia Cabalceta
by ncab on 24 Sep 2020

This week, I did the cliché "skull with rose" look.

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This week, I did the cliché "skull with rose" look haha I didn't have much time to create this asset this week, but I think if I keep going with it, I could get a more sculpted model.

I sculpted in ZBrush Core (found out that 2021 has ZRemesher and I was so excited to try it!). Exported a high poly and low poly (ZRemeshed) version. Brought them into Substance Painter and baked the high poly model onto the low poly and finished texturing from there. For the bone texture I downloaded this smart material from Substance Share. I downloaded a few other bone textures, but I think the one I linked worked best. Check out the other bone textures below.

The rose is just a picture on a plane. I downloaded the image of the rose from Unsplash and brought into Photoshop to isolate, shade, and add a shadow (since the plane it was on wouldn't do).

Finally, I rendered in Marmoset. Thanks for taking a look!

Some other renders with other bone texture:


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