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Weekly Drill #24 Sunglasses

Weekly Drill #24 Sunglasses

by toby on 18 Sep 2020

For this week's drill I have recreated a pair of funk legend Bootsy Collins' sunglasses. Modeled in Blender, touched up in Affinity Photo.

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"That's the law around here: you've got to wear your sunglasses. So you can feel cool" -Parliment, "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)"

Playing with materials/particles. The rhinestones definitely gave me the most grief. At first I hid little mirrors/emitters inside of them, which looked cool but gave of more of an LED glow than a sparkle. Ultimately I blended some diamond/plastic node trees and kept the mirrors. I also got ambitious at the end and tried to use an AO mask on the frames to add a hot glue kind of effect behind some of the stones. Having made props in real life all I can see when reconstructing something like this is the rhinestones falling off and getting covered in glue.

Reference. The lettering on the original album cover was clearly inspired by a marquee sign so I made a physicalized one with little star shaped filaments in the bulbs to complete the scene.

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