CG Boost Mushroom House Challenge
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CG Boost Mushroom House Challenge

Zhandos Kadyrkulov
by zhandosk on 17 Sep 2020

An entry for the CG Boost's Mushroom House Challenge

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Update - 22 Sep 2020

I'm done! Had fun participating in this one. Tho the final render looks like "not what I expected" XD But oh well, making materials was interesting. Gotta do them more.

Thank you for coming by! Hope to see you all soon!

Have a nice day!

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Update - 20 Sep 2020

Today I did some materials. Overall, I did five textures. Two wood: birch and oak; wood crate - the first one where I used height blend(really useful node); iron and wooden planks. 

I have to make fabric, glass, and earth materials. After that, I will start unwrapping and rendering the scene. So the project will finish tomorrow or the day after that.

This one was the most exciting material to make - a wooden crate. It was the first material where I used the height blend node. I got a gist of how it works still need some time to really understand every possible use for this node. 

Making materials for the past three days helped me to get rid of the fear of the graphs' complexity. 

Until tomorrow guys!

Update - 18 Sep 2020

Today I have done only materials work. I made 5 materials in Substance Designer to the best of my current abilities. Found out that I am pretty bad at making stylized materials, haha. Below are the graphs for materials.

I have wood, wood flooring, wood crate, and glass material left to make. 

Update - 17 Sep 2020


Before going into the details let me introduce myself. My name is Zhandos. I am an amateur 3D artist from Kazakhstan. I want to focus on environment art and material creation as I find them appealing to me.

This project is going to be an entry for CG Boost's Mushroom House Challenge. As everyone does, I started off with gathering references. I chose to go with a Victorian age steampunk-ish look with lots of brick, cobblestone, and wood materials.  During reference gathering, I drew a simple house as a shape to follow while doing a blockout.

After gathering references, I did a blockout of the house while following my draft drawing but I changed some places, got rid of some elements that I felt were unnecessary and added other elements to the scene.

Blockout is done. Now on to modeling. I modeled several versions of wooden beams and used a method I learnt from Emiel Sleeger's tutorial on Artstation. I copied a bunch of those beams and put them to their respective places. I reused them in the roof support system, windows, cart, and billboard support structure. I then modeled wooden planks following the same method. Used them to construct the cart's body, flooring of the top floor, and doors. Pipes and ropes were made using a bezier curve and an array modifier on them, only for ropes. Separately I modeled a clock for the top window and measuring props/tools for water heater-thing.  

I used the Spin tool quite a lot to make the water tank hatch handle, wheel spokes, and beams. I usually don't use it. 

For now, that's it. Next stage is to make textures in Substance Designer.