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Modern House Exterior Render

Modern House Exterior Render

anSD - Studios
by anSD on 17 Sep 2020

Modern House exterior render with a big garden pebbles border, lamposts, trees and a garage. With a car parked outside which moves in the animation. Animation rendered in real-time Eevee

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I wanted to do a project of an exterior of a building and I ended up going with a modern house exterior. I used some references and end up making something like this under a few hours. I then added a car model by:
This made the scene pop even more, I messed around with colors and trees and pebbles near the corners. Added grass and stuff around the place, added reflections and glare, made the garage pop more and it was finally done. I tweaked a few things to render it in a night time version, added lights and stuff. Then I ended up making a whole animation of it which I personally really love.

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