Fictional Mars Landscape + Animation of curiosity Rover

Fictional Mars Landscape + Animation of curiosity Rover

Satan's Dog
by satansdog on 16 Sep 2020

Environment modeled and textures, inspired by Mars and some YouTube videos, to look like mars. Then added additional scenery like mountains and hills and rocks. Then animated with the rover from NASA.

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It took a long while to conceptualize and actually model the environment here. I took inspirations from Andrew Price's video about Mars, and pictures of well Mars. I added a simple landscape then adding mountains, hills but still didn't feel right. I added textures and rocks of different sizes and textures alone all of it and it felt better. I then added procedural wind and a background and it looked perfect. With some depth of field added I gave it a render. I later did the post processing, added mist and color grading and thats the final result, 4th one.

After making the environment I had to animate it so I got the curiosity rover model from NASA and animated it with the landscape. Animated the camera. Did a lot of tweaks to the landscape, like making it darker and more reddish plus flattening the hills a bit, making it more smoother and making the rocks less shiny. The end result was great, and I ended up liking it alot more. It took a day to make the whole animation and tweaks and it was well worth it. I took some of new learned knowledge about topology and even made the landscape's geometry better and it helped in render times. The animation was fully rendered in Eevee.

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