Lars van Tooren
by larstato on 14 Sep 2020

An overview of a 6 week (excluding pre-production) student project called: Parallel. For this project I worked on environment art and level dressing as well as materials / textures and shaders. These textures can be found in another upload on my portfolio.

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Parallel is a 15 man (5 artists) student project of 6 weeks with a fresh take on the sci-fi racing genre.

Some beauty shots of the in-game environments and levels.
Down below are renders of the level I worked on as well as assets generated / sculpted for the environment and level design team to use.

The snow shader I worked on uses texture projection to spawn a snow material based on the Y direction. This combined with a triplanar projection of the canyon texture makes for a versatile material as seen applied in the image / previous images.

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