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Ethiopian Side Walk Tiles

Ethiopian Side Walk Tiles

by dagmawi1tsegaye on 16 Sep 2020

One of my tile series projects in substance designer.

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Ethiopian Roadside Tiles


Pattern Creation

It was a little tricky when i created the grid iris, but once you break down each shapes it's as simple as a repeated node use of shape, transform, blend and bevel node. 

Adding damages and Cracks

Once I've tiled it all and combined them for variation. I went on adding damages, crack and pebbles by using slope blurs, directional warps and warp, along with the blend node editing it's blend mode.

Adding the PBR properties

By extracting physical attributes from the height maps, I managed to get detailing for color generation, with few maps to add depth to the colors. Same goes to the roughness map.

Thank You!

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