BB8 Pushing a Pepsi Can

BB8 Pushing a Pepsi Can

Ignatius Jonathan Sugijono
by ignatiusjonathan on 6 Sep 2020

A Project to integrate CG models into a real-life background plate and lighting CG objects through compositing.

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"BB8 Pushing a Pepsi Can" - A project that I created which is about lighting  CG objects through compositing. 

I do not own the background plate, the BB8 and Pepsi can model. I am responsible for animation and compositing.

I chose this background plate because it has a beautiful and unique pattern for the shadow.

Using Maya, I was able to render out the shadow projection on to a 3D sphere and comp it using Nuke.

I chose 2 different models so that they could have a sort of backstory. I chose these models because it could roll easily and helps me to show the shadow projection better.

Here is the screenshot of the final version.

If you want to see my full progress in creating this project, go to this link:

And here is the breakdown video:

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