A Beginner Violin

A Beginner Violin

by firinaaf on 5 Sep 2020

Making this 3D model was very challenging, but fun to me because the violin has an exceptionally unique shape and many small details that could easily be overlooked. I thought this could be a really good modeling practice.

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This project was made in December 2019 and finished in January 2020. Models made in Maya and textures done with Substance Painter. Rendered with Marmoset Toolbag.

I used to play the violin when I was in elementary school and this instrument still holds a special place in my heart. The inspiration for making this 3D model came about during a period of time when I watched videos by TwoSet Violin on Youtube. This drove me to pick up the violin again. Unfortunately, due to not having my instrument with me at the time, I decided to channel instead my motivation into creating my very own violin in 3D model.

The hardest challenge in making this model is the scroll part but, ultimately, I am happy with the way it turned out.

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