Captain America shield render

Captain America shield render

AE Studios
by aestudios on 4 Sep 2020

I always had fascination with the Marvel movies and the weapons and gear they had. So I took the time to make a cool scene with a custom modeled & textured shield.

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1. to get the shape, i cut a sphere in half and just compressed it, and did some small refining. I did basic loop cuts and texturing to get a feel of the texture layout.

2. Looking at references of Captain America's shield online, I noticed some color strips like the white were thinner or wider than other colored parts, so I adjusted the colors.

3. Then I added basic reflections and normals & roughness to give it a better look.

I made my walls and the floor and got my textures from Poliigon, and used sculpting on the planes I used for the floor and wall to add more terrain detail and more bumps and deformations. I wanted to give it a more cave looking feel. I turned off the colors and worked on adding some surface imperfections and worked with the lighting.

I made a 1940's look, before it was painted as seen in the first Captain America movie. I gave it the same yellowish light that the movie scene had for showing that shield for the first time.

This is the more modern version I originally had in mind after the 1st render.

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