Laurie Cope
by Laurie Cope, Matthew Howells, Sarah Godden, and copecg on 3 Sep 2020

'TIPPING POINT' a USW PRODUCTIONS Directed and Produced by LAURIE COPE. brought to life by MAX ZOLLO(Claw Animator) and MATTHEW HOWELLS(Sound Engineer).

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This is the home, lab, and workshop of Dr. Miln. Set in a pre-apocalypse alternative 1990s this story touches upon a planet and timeline similar to Earth, however, this society of intelligent life-forms has accelerated in their technological advances and by doing so ravaged their planet for resources. This has led to a spike in global catastrophes. A count down for the total annihilation of the world has begun and nations across the world seek solutions to their demise, one scientist has the answer and the world is about to find out.


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