Monologue Animation

Monologue Animation

Natalia Enya Zefanya
by enyazefanya on 9 Jan 2021

This is my final term assignment and personally my favorite and best work I’ve done so far. It took me a month to work on it and I did it during the Covid-19 work from home era, which I found really challenging since I'm very new and there was no direct guidance from my lecturer. Guess online class saved my life.

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For this project I wanted to reference anger. And I personally can get angry quite often, so yes, I am my own inspiration. Using a line from Kate Winslet from the movie Revolutionary Road starring Leonardo Di Caprio too. A reason why monologue is my favorite work is because I can learn two things; animating facial expression and learning body language in psychology. 


To follow the reference, I made the girl change her personality from sassy and sarcastic to an outburst directly. In the beginning I make her body leans on a chair, torso facing away from the boy, arms crossed, to indicate that she doesn’t fond him. When she says “if black could be made into white,” I make her looking down on him by adding a cynical expression. Like how can you turn black into white? Lastly for the ending and climax, to make her look so infuriated, I decided to make her smash the table, and give tension on her left hand that points to the boy. 

To make the audience focus on the main character I put a whiteboard behind to frame her. I make the furniture, background, and outfit dark-colored so it gives a color contrast. From here, I learned on how to tell a story in animation from body language, facial expression, and backgrounds. 

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