Logan Sinnett
by logansinnett on 31 Aug 2020

A dark fantasy creature I created for the Unreal Engine. Inspired from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, I aimed to create a demon-dragon humanoid creature you could find in the FromSoftware universe. I envisioned a creature that be found in the dark depths of a dungeon and wanted to reflect loneliness in the renders.

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Renders of the final design for the Draconian. Rendered with Redshift in Maya.

The Draconian models, animations, and textures as seen in the Unreal Engine.

Earlier test import of the mesh with animations, but without texture maps.

Various Redshift animations and turn-tables.

Rig and controller set up for animations and turntable.

Wireframe turn-table animation.

For this project I wanted to use the UDIM workfow for Substance Painter and texture streaming in Unreal really push the sculpt details in the in-game model.

Earlier renders of the Draconian game model with various poses.

ZBrush final sculpts and face detail.

Early ZBrush sculpts and Keyshot render.  This was the first design and the hair didn't make the final cut.

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