River Town

River Town

Federico Bonato
by federicobonato on 31 Aug 2020

Are you a steampunk fan? Do you like VFX? This is what me and Stefano Costa worked on the past few months at Escape Studios. After countless PC crashes and more than 5TB of temporary caches we finally accomplished our goal and created this scene to showcase CG comp and VFX simulations.

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In a far steampunk land there's River Town, a city built on a scrapyard powerd by the one and only river flowing through the city.

Typical of this town are G.U.S.(TAV-0) drones - Galvanized Urban Sentinel (Traced Automatic Vehicle type 0) a.k.a Gustavo, how locals call them. Gustavos are sentinel drones built in the mysterious scrapyard located below the city. Made of junk and steampunk gears these drones are known to be quite clumsy and rusty. This particular scene depicts a Gustavo having a little accident while patrolling a street of River Town at night, looking for scrap pieces.

Inspired by #CarnivalRow #HugoCabret #AlitaBattleAngel

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