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Door to Nowhere

Door to Nowhere

Iuliia Rozsa-Bakacsi
by pokusaika on 31 Aug 2020

Creation of 3D model with texturing was part of my university studies. A brief asked to model an asset for MOBA game called "Door to Nowhere" which would also represent this theme within 3000 tris limit.

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The idea of my model is a torn and fixed on the frame "fabric of the World" so to open a path to beyond the world, a reverse side. The most challenging part was to create an image of fabric which also would be visually a part of the surroundings.
Even tho most of the MOBA games use an isometric view I decided that my game would follow the experience of games like Smite or Paragon. Therefore I made a model with viewable from all sides.
After finishing my texturing in Photoshop I realised I would love to add some depth with normal maps. So I got an idea to do it in Substance painter despite the fact that I've never used this software before.
As an additional personal challenge, I decided to animate the lantern and candle lights using Marmoset toolbag features.
According to my concept, the gameplay would heavily rely on light and shadow (as replacement of forests and bushes), thus the light is used to reveal an open path.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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