A Witches Kitchen UE4

A Witches Kitchen UE4

Victoria Zeilenga
by Corissa Boerner, Madeline Richardson, and vzeilenga on 27 Aug 2020

Ive been working on this witches kitchen for a few months and now im finally done! This was a collaboration between me and my two friends, they both worked together to make the concept art and I took their art and made it into this 3D Scene.

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When I was making this scene I wanted it to feel magical and comfortable. I had so much fun tweaking the mood and feeling of this scene, I think I got pretty close! 

Originally the concept art I was working off was all pink, but i ended up going with an alternate color palate the artist made and I still adjusted that to fit what I wanted from the scene

I used pure ref to get a solid idea if what I like, and what I wanted the final image to look like as far as lighting, color, and shape

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