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Work in progress. A series of Hunters
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Work in progress. A series of Hunters

Daniel Baird
by danielbaird on 27 Mar 2019

A current work in progress, with detailed paragraphs of thought process and work flow.

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Update - 16 May 2019

Current project on hold

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Update - 18 Apr 2019

For the next iteration for this character, i have adjusted the background theme and colours and deciding on different designs. I have also begun to render the character further with shading and overall colours. 

Update - 15 Apr 2019


Currently in progress, I have started to play around with backgrounds and overall colours and setting. There is still alot of refinement and work that needs to be done to the 3rd iteration of my hunter series.

By my next update the Hunter should be of a more rendered state in preparation for animation  

Update - 3 Apr 2019

I have started concepting additional ideas for my  second design : Hunter. I painted over the original design in a process to see where i wanted to take the overall design.  

I decided to break down the character into areas of interest, mainly the face/ skin and the robotic leg. My next goal for this design is too now, finalize the rendition and then prepare for a 2D animation loop. I haven't tried a workflow like this before so i think it will be an interesting avenue of learning.

I may also revisit the secondary character- creature prop  for a re-design.  

Update - 27 Mar 2019

Cyberpunk/ Alien Hunters.

The first page of initial designs for a new character, I focused heavily on the silhouette and shapes at this stage to find something that i liked 

During this stage, i anaylised all the thumbnail concepts to narrow down a theme. Seeing that most concepts had some form of Prop / weapon , Alien in appearance and robotic/ cyberpunk theme , i decided to ground the following concepts in this theme. 

These concepts where the first round based off the above. I really liked the idea of a triangular alien shape head, so i played around with some shapes and different forms to find what i like most. I had also wanted to include some form of robotic nature to the character as seen above. 

I eventually found a nice suitable character to begin a second round/ final stage of development. 

As of now, this is where i currently am in terms of this character. After compiling all previous ideas and concepts, i have come up with 3 characters for this series : Alien, Cybernetic, dystopian hunters. 

I have kept key shapes and themes throughout the 3 character concepts so they stay grounded in the same universe. I still plan to develop one of the characters further. As of now with the 3 character concepts - they all follow a sort of class. For example, as seen above we have: Fisherman and hunter. For the 3rd character , i plan to design it to be somewhat of a stealth character, perhaps a tracker / assassin.

Stay tuned for future updates and progress.