Weekly Drill 20: Vex'ahlia Funko Pop

Weekly Drill 20: Vex'ahlia Funko Pop

Bailey Brantingham
by garageman on 22 Aug 2020

I just discovered the Weekly Drills this week, and since the prompt was Funko Pop, I thought it would be fun to recreate one of the new Critical Role Funko Pops, so I created this Vex'ahlia Funko Pop in Blender. I hope you enjoy, please let me know how I can improve this, I haven't done any characters really.

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The first two renders are rendered in Eevee, the next in workbench with flat colors to approximate the colors in Eevee, then I included an image of all the seperate items I made, the wireframe, and an image of the original. I do not own this character, this is fan art of the Funko Pop of the Character Vex'ahlia Vessar by Laura Bailey.

My reference image

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