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#WeeklyDrills 020 - Funko Pop Vinyl

#WeeklyDrills 020 - Funko Pop Vinyl

by roleoco on 21 Aug 2020

This is my first entry for the weekly Drills. I hope this is allowed since it might be a bit different than the other ones. I love Pop Vinyls and I have a lot of them in my house, mostly of Harry Potter. So I decided to use them. I did everything in Cinema4D (X-Particles) and Photoshop. Pop Vinyls are my own.

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A playful twist

I have never done a weekly Drill, neither have I ever posted something that wasn't completely finished. However, seeing as this is the best way to learn I decided to join the weekly drills. I did give it a twist and I am not sure if this is allowed seeing as I am not modeling anything. I came up with the idea because of my pop vinyls that are in my house and my obsession for Harry Potter. I picked up the Pop Vinyls and came up with this idea.

I used a particle system to do the trails and made them come out of the deer. I used another particle system for the little stars around the deer. I made the final particle system for the cloth that sweeps behind the deer. After that I made the materials. I used diffuse materials where I created scattering mediums. I wanted to do a bit of fog but i had no time left. The ground is made up of a plane with a simpel texture, height map and normal map. Another plane is slightly above it with a specular texture with a little bit of a bump map. Added some lights and rendered it. I put the pictures I made of the Pop Vinyl dolls in the render in Photoshop and made them look half decent. Something I have not yet mastered.

I really wanted to do a video of a couple seconds where you turn around the subjects. This is, however, not yet possible with my level of skill but I hope I will someday.

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