Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders

Tristan Voulelis
by tristanvoulelis on 21 Aug 2020

I set of renders done based upon mental disorders and illnesses people have.

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Cotard's Syndrome: 

This syndrome is know and 'walking corpse' syndrome or 'zombie' syndrome. The victim beliefs that he or she is dead, dying and/or lost organs. This disorder tends to exist with people who have depression and schizophrenia. The symptoms manifest through a combination of these other underlying issues.

Anxiety Disorder:

A world filled with anxiety, fear and constant worry, the patient's issues interfere with their daily lives. They curl up and hide away from the 'dangers' of the outside world. 

I did a set of renders for school. My focus was surrounding metal disorders and illnesses.

Created using Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Adobe Fuse, and some assets from the Megascans Libraries.

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