Interrogation Room

Interrogation Room

Johnson Lim
by helostryker on 18 Aug 2020

The interrogation I did for the Uni capstone project. The interrogation room is remodeled with the Brutalist visual style in mind. Usual render time is around 15 to 30 minutes a frame using Redshift. All of it is modeled in Maya, texturing is done with Bounding Box's Materialize, texture layout and adjustments with SP.

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Image one: One of the test renders with minimalistic fog.

Image two: Render Test with the fog. Later on settled with a balance of the atmospheric fog and dark lighting, so it doesn't overpower one over the other.

To create the textures for this scene or other related, I've used my phone to take pictures of multiple concrete walls near AUT within Auckland city. The colour correction is done in Photoshop before sending it over to Materialize.

I took multiple of these concrete pictures and compiling these into a collection of images that I can pick. The program called Materialize is used to generate PBR texture maps from an image, before applying them to the models within the scene.

Screenshots of one of the textures (later with some adjustments in Substance Painter such as adding more dirt) that's applied to one of the objects in Maya.

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