Wet And Mossy Stone Ground

Wet And Mossy Stone Ground

Máté Válent
by jjampy on 10 Aug 2020

This material is completle procedural and is made from scratch in Substance Designer. I wasn't following any tutorials so this material is unique (even though there are a lot of mossy stone materials out there^^). This project is a result of my summer vacation:)

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The final material: mossy stone ground

wet moss material

I didn't use any subgraphs, which could be a mistake, but I prefered to keep everything in one place. (Except for the water level and the environment toolkit nodes.)


- first I combined 2 variations of the same noise map

- than placed some details on the rocks and made some small and large cracks

-smoothed the height map out while placing a mossy-dirty ground texture underneath (I used some of the ground noise maps to add intricate details to the sones' surface)

-finally I made the moss material and combined it with the previous ones

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