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White Bear King Valemon

White Bear King Valemon

by artofagnes on 9 Aug 2020

Illustration based on the Norwegian folklore tale "White Bear King Valemon".

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White Bear King Valemon

Growing up, my mother would read to me the folklore stories from the deep, dark and enchanted forests of Norway. East of the Sun, West of the Moon, the stories would always start, and were filled with dark creatures, beautiful princesses and handsome princes. One of my favorites was the story about the enchanted King Valemon, who was turned into a bear by an evil witch.

I've always wanted to illustrate this story, as I thought it would make a really great character piece. I was inspired by old oil paintings and their dark brown hues and spotlight lighting.

Thank you for looking! (or as the folklores say ";-- snipp, snapp, snout, then the fairytale was out!")

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