Modeling in Substance Designer

Modeling in Substance Designer

by dagmawi1tsegaye on 6 Aug 2020

Creating an ornate pile of plates to optimize archviz works, or any scene that involves these props in them.

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Table ready Ornate Plates

Ever since the rookies contest entry, I've been looking for the next project. And this project contained ideas and skills to add to my "gauntlet". Optimization was a big issue on my previous entry, and a reason i believe to have cost me few points with the Rookies judges. And obviously what's better than Substance Designer in this scenario. 

This project is one of my few designs I've made through my substance authoring study. My goal was to model a prop that could reduce few load on a scene, using substance designer. And of course Ground(tiles, natural dirt ground etc), Mech walls for Sci-Fi scenes, etc were obvious directions. But this design was just a fun and a little out of the ordinary (or i believed it to be) for me that i worked on while learning several nodes.


First Plate

Second Plate

Third Plate

Fourth Plate

As you can see, I went for a pristine look as any ornate dish should be. 


I added the roughness maps later so it feels a little bit more in place and very subtle.

Once I've created a utility node for each plate, I can now try different combinations of the plates i made. This combination was my favorite hence why i shared it. As you work with substance designer, you have to think of re-usability and optimization to ease the design process on a project that involves an already made texture so you can focus on bigger visuals.

This was lots of fun working on, the projects I've mentioned above demand few polishes here and there and much more to study and work on. Substance Designer has lots of learning curves, it requires time and practice to get through. But once you familiarize your self with the available nodes, the possibilities are endless. I came from substance painter background, and I noticed so many technical approaches  there can be translated to here too. I'll keep sharing these once i'm done with them or come across issues while working on them so we can discuss on them.  

Thank You!

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