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Don Julio - Weekly Drill 17

Don Julio - Weekly Drill 17

by lestorm on 30 Jul 2020

My submission for the weekly drill. Just a fairly simple scene with a bottle of Don Julio.

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I made the composition for the scene pretty early on, and I really didn't start saving anything until i started putting the materials on things, so I don't have much for the beginning. I went kind of simple, but I chose a semi-interesting bottle. The only difficult part of it was the text on the bottle, and even then all I did was type out the text, warped it around the y axis, and then rotated the letters. 

Even thought it's supposed to be a Blue Agave tequila, I think the shotglass is too dark. I'm couldn't really find a color that I super like, though. That one was the one that read the best for me. I'm just going to say that it's dark out. 

The labels are honestly just pictures of the bottles that I got from the Don Julio website. I unwrapped those parts of the bottles and projected them from view. Then, I just lined up the EV with the label on the wrapper. I figured it would make it look more authentic than if I remade them in Photoshop or something. The reflection on the top one isn't perfect, because the lighting in the photo wasn't super flat. I probably could've edited that in photoshop, but I just kind of put the light in a place where it made sense.  This one was pretty simple, but it helped me work on understanding some of the settings in Blender a bit  better. I still haven't made a bunch of scenes, so it was nice to just kind of have fun with something straight forward and mostly inorganic.

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