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Zeflec Technologies: Weapons Engineer Test

Zeflec Technologies: Weapons Engineer Test

by jackveselovski on 27 Jul 2020

This short science fiction experience is inspired by VR titles such as The Lab and Boneworks. The game was created in Unity Engine by Jack Veselovski over a 9 week period within a university semester at RMIT in Melbourne.

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Zeflec Technologies: Weapons Engineer Test is a Virtual Reality experience where you will assemble and test various weapons in the testing facility of Zeflec Technologies. You will be guided through the test by a friendly intel-bot who will tell you where to go and all about the engineering firms creations along the way. Intel-bots are also known for their sense of humour and mockery, so keep your aim tidy!

This game is available to download for free over at

Note: This game is still in development phase, and does not represent the finished product. This is the build that was submitted for a university class, and could be developed and polished further in the future.  

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