Street Fighter Cammy Fan Sculpt
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Street Fighter Cammy Fan Sculpt

Luke Marchese
by lukemarchese64 on 23 Jul 2020

I started this project as a quick practice sculpt but then decided to take it further. I plan to retop, texture and pose the character for further practice. Programs I plan to use include Photoshop, 3dsmax, substance painter and UE4.

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Update - 24 Sep 2020

Decided to take a break from the project to complete some 3d and texturing tutorials. When coming back to the sculpt I decided to refine it a bit before heading onto the next stage. I might need to put the project on hold again soon to continue with university projects but I still plan to retop and texture this character in the future. 

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Update - 23 Jul 2020

Work in Progress- Cammy sculpt