Modern witch's flat!

Modern witch's flat!

Marie Guffroy
by nholl on 23 Jul 2020

A piece I made on my free time.

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I wanted to try myself into something realistic, so I used my free time to complete this art piece from modeling to rendering. I used Maya, substance painter, substance designer, a little bit of zbrush, and integrated it in Unreal Engine. 

I tried to be careful about optimisation: number of polys and light settings. 

I learnt a lot about lighting, Unreal splines, texturing, and it was an amazing exercise.

If I worked full time on it, I think it would take 2 weeks .

The last image has a really more realistic render, this is where I learnt the most about lighting and I loved it! I really wish to continue having a hard time on realistic renders because it makes me improve a lot more as it takes me out of my confort zone. 

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