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Gianna Osborne
by gianna on 23 Jul 2020

My journey of making a Terrarium inspired model for a weekly challenge that I defiantly missed. learned some new things while messing about with xgen in Maya and now have my very own terrarium <3

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Update - 23 Jul 2020

So a bit late, but, I wanted to make something for the nature weekly challenge a few weeks back. I came to settle on the idea of a terrarium (I love these things so much) and I've never owned one. Coming to the conclusion that I could model my own.

Now, baring in mind that i have never tackled nature in Maya, this was going to be a learning experience <3.

It all started with a few cubes that transformed into a rock with the help of ....THE SCULPTING TOOL!

And then there were more and more and more.

I rounded off the rocks and created a number of spheres to provide a stand-in for what would soon to be bushes. I also added in a plane with an AiStandardSurface shader  to create a small pool of water. 

Now came the time for Nature. Dun dun dunnn... it actually wasn't as hard as i first thought, a number of tweaks and playing around with graph points got me a pretty good ,first-try, result. I also added a toon shader to the rocks to give the model more of a stylised aesthetic :) .

First test render. I added in some pick petals to the water to make it look pretty.

Edit: I didn't like the glass bowl around the model.

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