Motivational portrait

Motivational portrait

Peter Hartnett
by peterh on 22 Jul 2020

A portrait painted to lift my spirits.

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When I am having trouble getting to work due to the stresses of life I find that simply painting a random portrait tends to really help me feel better. They are kind of boring little technical exercises but it helps.

This one is of no one in particular, I was just painting a face for fun. But my wife insists its her, which probably makes sense since I see the most of her face and its pretty beaten into my head by now.

The focus on this was in the tinting of the face to more closely match the blood profusion of a person. And the shadowed paint effect was just some random fun with a textured brush and some layer manipulation.

I have been using Infinite Painter on Ipad the most recently, and did so for this image. I just love how the program feels, I've been using it much more that my photoshop and cintiq 24hd setup that I have had for ages.

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