Embroidered Material

Embroidered Material

Emily Bisset
by ebisset on 22 Jul 2020

This is an embroidered textile material I made from scratch in Substance Designer. There are still things I could improve but I am really happy how it turned out - I like a lot of colour!

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This is a more complex material made from scratch in Substance Designer. I was inspired by Pauline Boiteux's work (https://www.artstation.com/jappluz) and so I thought I would attempt a CG textile/embroidery material of my own. I had a few tiling issues show up in the end but I didn't have time to fix it as I only have limited time for personal projects at the moment but I am really pleased with how it turned out. 

Here is some alternate base colour maps I created for it:

As you can see below my node map is not the tidiest and so that's something I can work on next time but I just wanted to have a go at this kind of pattern and I had a lot of fun doing it! 

In my defence, it started off quite organised and then slowly deteriorated the more complex the pattern got😂 

Texture Map Breakdown

This material is now available on my Artstation store if anyone is interested:


It comes with all 4K texture maps including 5 alternate base colour maps as well as the .sbs file and a .sbsar file to use in Painter/other programs with editable colour parameters so you can quickly alter it to fit any colour palette you choose!

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