Sci-Fi Lab - Contamination Zone - Unreal Environment

Sci-Fi Lab - Contamination Zone - Unreal Environment

Tristan Voulelis
by tristanvoulelis on 22 Jul 2020

Science Fiction Unreal Engine 4 game environment. Context: An alien creature has broken out of its cryogenic cell and is now being experimented on a scientist in the operation lab.

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Created an Unreal Engine 4 Science Fiction environment.

I used Blender, Substance Painter, Zbrush and Substance Designer. Used some Unreal marketplace assets as well, to aid me in the process.

This environment was made for an art final in grade 12 and I just recently finished it. It was also submitted into The Rookies Awards 2020, Young Guns, category; but it was incomplete.

Cinematic with audio

Quad Draw; Detail Lighting; Shader Complexity

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