The Penultimate Fiction

The Penultimate Fiction

Anca Badut
by ancabadut on 21 Jul 2020

Inspired by sci-fi books and the wish to create game experiences through design and computer graphics, in the past year I have been focusing on sci-fi scenes and assets that have the potential to tell a story by themselves. As such, the aim of my scenes is to give the feeling that a character just passed by.

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The purpose of this scene was to create a game-ready environment inspired by my fascination for sci-fi books and movies. Creating an environment with a powerful atmosphere that would later on easily be transformed into the right place for a game-like experience has been the main challenge. Represented by a simple corridor, the environment aims to look lively and animated (even without characters) through the way the light is positioned, through the graffiti and the worn-out materials. I also wanted to make the design a bit modular to create both rhythm and elements that are easy to texture/use in a game.

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