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#WeeklyDrills 015 -- Medieval Weapons

#WeeklyDrills 015 -- Medieval Weapons

by glenese on 18 Jul 2020

For this week's drill, I wanted to focus on topology, specifically working in Maya (instead of just for retopo) as opposed to box modeling/sculpting in Zbrush ...it always seems like I'm extremely slooow when I model in Maya. So I figured it'd be good to shake off some Maya "dust" & work in there this week.

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I'm a huge horror fan, so I decided to take inspiration from Evil Ash's sword from 'Army of Darkness'! If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll see my references.

...Had some setbacks this week & probably will not hit the deadline, but I wanted to share what I've worked on this week regardless. Thanks for looking.

Modeled in Maya. Sub-D  (yes, I'd would love to add more details) & Render in Zbrush. Post adjustments in Photoshop.

As I said, topology was my focus this week, so here's some wire frames of such.

Inspiration taken from Evil Ash's sword. There's a couple of different medieval options in the film, but I'm naturally drawn to the bad guy :-) 

Here's my references & one last shot of my model based on such.

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