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Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world

by kaldrin on 10 Jul 2020

Illustration made as part of my Showreel. I wanted to make my Showreel original and give it my personality, my universe, and make it more like a journey in my mind than a classic showreel, so I made an illustration to introduce my world !

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I made it for my showreel which you can watch here !

I started with a 3D base, and I painted over and added doc images made with InDesign.

With photobashing and painting I created old book & page textures than I then used in InDesign to write and render the page for the final piece. It talks about lore stuff of a world I'm creating, like some sort of newspaper.

They are all reusable assets that I intend on using in the future for additional similar elements. I made multiple iterations to find the right emblem for my book.

The different versions of the book cover made in InDesign :

Thanks for checking my project !
Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it ;)

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