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Deusimator 2019

Deusimator 2019

by A. David Anweiler, Abby Chavis, Alex Waters, Damion Rowe, Eddie Machado, Emily Lane, Emily Meisner, Fiona Fallon, Jennifer Martin, Leah Nobel, Nathan Ludwig, Sydney Sylvester, Taylor Andrews, Ureh Magnus, Vaughn Gallagher, and ajacobs on 6 Jul 2020

A mech powered road trip though big foot country. My final school project and first finished video game. Completed as a capstone project, developed in Unreal Engine 4. I was responsible for direction, design, modeling, texturing, materials, rigging, and programming.

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Psysquatch monster, the primary obstacle to completing the game. Original concept by A. David Anweiler. 

Flowcharts used to communicate to animation team how their animations would be used by characters in game. My peers and I were trained on animated shorts so we learned specific animation production for video games on this project. These charts also proved helpful during animation graphing and character programming in UE4. 

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